It only takes one.

Whether it’s a work colleague, a “friend” or someone like Donald Trump, it only takes one negative person to bring down others. Why do we let other people’s poison spread to our hearts? Why do we allow it to break through our strength and forget that we are all capable of kindness and love? I … More It only takes one.


That sudden nausea in your stomach.. The winded feeling in your chest that you can’t shake..  The sweaty palms with a cold rush through your finger tips.. Your breathing becoming uncontrollable, no matter how hard you try.. Feeling your heart beat harder & harder so it feels like it’s moved to your throat.. The overwhelming … More Panic


Today I told my best friend just how dark my thoughts have become, and how they turned into actions and it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I know that I need support & good people around me at the moment, because I find it difficult to deal with … More Strength

Thank you

Something beautiful happened today and it came completely out of the blue. I was on a break at work, realised I was feeling low and not understanding why (which always makes me feel worse because I like to know the reasons why for most things around me) and so I took to Twitter to post … More Thank you

No More!

I am fed up of being insecure and damaged. I am fed up of feeling like I am worthless & useless to people. I am fed up of wondering what’s wrong with me…. So this is a note to myself to remember this; YOU ARE GREAT!  YOU ARE LOVED! YOU ARE WANTED! YOU BRING LIGHT … More No More!


I am currently snuggled up in bed watching one of my favourite movies after a lovely day with no bad low moments! It was the first day in such a long time that I felt stress free and simply content. I am putting it down to a few things.. the fact that I woke up … More Today